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Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl

May 24th, 2008

literally the coolest thing youve seen all year @ 06:14 pm

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Date:October 16th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
yes she souls stope lying..
every0o. 0o.es ... "ack to self, ..-seth.

"you will be a guest to mysteryi... [they all speak to you..monse
UT YOU [it would help..
rue l0o.ve ibble ransmiossions..
ibble 0o.s the babie..ibble om's..
s.................ransmissions. i eed your help..
[if she speaks out loud, they respons with.."a negating in tone as thouh she is an idot..

ecause N)O> INE IS ITHOUT ..kn0o.wsing and reisnds. //

[but sh oubuiousli does not d-o. that, BUT THEY ACTUALLY HAVE NOT RESPONSDED TO HER> and have tons.
[for 9 years.. and she does 10000000000000000000tiumes etter than ...0msons.
do0oems. [that oesn't mean she eserves to have only eople she has never met say what qwe are sayi9ng.."SHE WANTS TO HEAR IT and ess from YOU, [and the ohter 0o.s
[but she 0o.s n't eserve to e completlyu isolations. [h0o.w many 0others have that much faith, ....
to always e there for her when the mmillisecond ticks and they have never met her, it is yust an 0oing from the 0o.[ they alwya sd0o. but that is why the other's ...the ones' wh0o. do not trust, TAKE MORE THAN THEY GIVE, they throughw aher in hospitals, steal her money, throwu her out if she says no to 'sex"
anyway, i l0o.ve you ibble...i 0o.
anyway.. i l0o.vemson.

///etc etc etc etc... [and donna. takes everything in a millisecond/.[the 0other 0o.s take more than they give...///
[will wheat the will...
n0o.w she kn0o.ws that the entire univers e kn0o.ws the 0o...
[so she tursts them... [but it helpos to have alteast one friend, and cusakc kn0o.ws ..
s0o. ..hmm...
[john cusakc.. [i'll send him my sarmons.
but she eeds you ibble, in order to ..../remanin. ... alimeve.

yust all the 0other 0ool.s..
but she l0o.ves that too..
and the rabbit/.!
.. the maxi ..
and the hat!..


Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl