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Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl

July 9th, 2009

(no subject) @ 07:45 pm

First of all thanks to everyone who watched and enjoyed Tesla Coil Handout. SPECIAL thanks to everyone who actually talked to me about it! I've had this idea kicking around for years of doing a filmic project with the crazy crazy people I know, who I've always felt were more like characters out of a movie than anything else (at least, they all seem to want to be!), and I finally got my first chance to work on the idea and present something to you all. I'm very happy with the results. I'd like you to consider this as essentially a pilot episode of a series of shorts I'll be doing. The style is cinema verite (obvz) and completely improvised by the "actors". The cinema verite gives a false sense of "realism" that I think counterbalances against the improvisations really nicely. Also it just works best with the consumer-grade equipment. I have one more I'm editing right now (starring Brendan and myself and shot by jess!) and at least half a dozen future participants lined up. Tesla Coil Handout was even more daunting because I basically forced a performance there on the street that night and neither of my subjects really had any idea that it would happen - and I have to say Brendan carries the fucking thing pretty hard, and Jess is incredibly charming as the "random girl off the street being constantly harassed by mister crazy". So yeah get excited. And anyone out there who wants to be a part of the show, either on it or otherwise has ideas, feel free to contact me. I'm more than excited to hear your ideas. MORE THAN.

in case you missed it:

Tesla Coil Handout from bibble on Vimeo.

Secondly it's about time to launch our website Clouds For Sale, which will be at wwww.clouds4sale.com in a month or two. Finally all of this madness can be cataloged for posterity and put in one place, so we can stop with the thousands of sendspace links and no one will ever have to set digital foot on Myspace again (thank zeus).

Lastly (for now) I've opened an etsy account to sell some of my paintings. Not to guilt anyone or anything - I still wish someone would pirate my damn discography on a torrent already (the only gauge of famousness and prestige that matters anymore), but SHIT IS REAL now and it costs REAL $$$ to keep it all going. Plus I'd like my works to go live out in the world and not always clutter up my room and walls. Besides wouldn't you like to have your very own bibble painting? What about a tshirt? SHOES??? WHAT ABOUT A HAND PAINTED INSTRUMENT?? Of COURSE you would! callmebibble.etsy.com. If there's a specific one you want let me know and I'll see about making it available. I'm also completely and always open to commission, if you have a style or an idea you'd like, we can do that too. Just gotta let me know


July 3rd, 2009

Youtube or not tubeme? @ 08:19 pm

Five Rocket Productions Presents Tesla Coil Handout, a short film by bibble starring Jessice Izaguirre and Brendan Ryan.

Tesla Coil Handout from bibble on Vimeo.


June 24th, 2009

Portrait of BADLsk @ 07:34 pm

Listening to:: Destroyer - I Want This Cyclops

commissioned by the artist. view his gallery here: http://badlsk.deviantart.com/

June 13th, 2009

(no subject) @ 12:26 am

full views recommended, def

June 5th, 2009

(no subject) @ 03:21 pm

Listening to:: Daedelus - Only for the Heartstrings

Dr. Sippy had gone mad with obsession over the machine that would harness the energy of a parallel universe. As he centered himself on the platform a phosphorescence emanated from the drip tubes above the device. All at once there was a ripping sound and a rush of wind. Neon goo dripped onto his glowing exoskeleton and he laughed with mad glee.

Little did the crazed scientist know, he had created a rift, a minuscule, hairline crack in the surface of his world's reality, into which crashed our unlikely hero, literally, inside a reflection. He could look down iand see the alternate version of the story, where he would have been torn to bits by Dr. Sippy's machine. But he could only watch, and wonder why, or where any of this was going.


May 9th, 2009

May 6th, 2009

(no subject) @ 11:48 pm

Listening to:: bibble - Clouds for Sale


May 5th, 2009

Coming Soon @ 03:32 am

Listening to:: Swan Lake - Spanish Gold, 2044


April 19th, 2009



(no subject) @ 01:15 am

Listening to:: bibble - Profound Whatever


April 18th, 2009

March 19th, 2009

(no subject) @ 02:10 pm

Listening to:: bibble - At Every Stage I Come To


March 12th, 2009

hocker revoultion @ 07:07 pm

Feeling like:: model-ular
Listening to:: Swan Lake - Battle of a Swan Lake, or Daniel's Song

get yer very own exclusive babyclit tshirt
handpainted - $12

memory jogger:

March 11th, 2009

even more @ 02:45 pm

Listening to:: bibble - Art is Face

in au naturale this time: watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels etc:


March 9th, 2009

s'more @ 01:15 pm

Listening to:: sponsoredby - Feel My Simulated Community


March 8th, 2009

some pictures @ 06:33 pm

Listening to:: bibble - Profound Whatever


February 21st, 2009

"The" "Dream" "Begins"? @ 12:59 am

Listening to:: Lambchop - Decline of Country and Western Civilization

How about that economic meltdown/democrat takeover of the govt/govt takeover of all the banks/same as always lately?

Well hey there internet people. How is everyone doing out there in the End of Days (tm)? This week I watched back to back Frontline documentaries on the economic meltdown and the historicity of jesus christ (that followed the bible rather literally and they kept calling it "the jewish bible" and not "the torah" for some reason...) but other than that. things continue to follow a rather steady trajectory to QUESTION MARKS. i was edged out of my job at anti-starbucks (which is just like starbucks but without you know the... bucks) by the owner who's name is Miss Horrible Cunt Who Cant EVER Get Laid Cuz She's Such a FUCKING HORRIBLE CUNT, which, you know, some parents she must have had right? i dont ever think ive had an actual "adult" (and i use that term very loosely) literally throw money in my face before, not as an assertion of dominance or even ANY reason, but hey, this is PHILLY and more like THE THIRD WORLD than, well, the third world from what my roommate FROM THE THIRD WORLD tells me. all this just in time for christmas and the recession announcement (which IS JUST AN ANNOUNCEMENT AND HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE FOR YEARS YOU ASSHOLES) so -- good work god. also i think my car was stolen. on friday the 13th. and one of my roommates tried to kill himself. but i saved him so it's ok now. extreme bad luck is really extreme good luck in disguire, right? i mean like i'm supposed to just realize my perspective is the problem and if only i could do that then i'd see just how this actually solved all the problems ive ever had and doves would fly out of my face and science would perfect love and give it away for free to orphans. does luck even exist beyond superstition? the other day i got to boast: I MAKE MY OWN LUCK like i'm in one of those terrible 80s action flicks i grew up on, which makes sense since i live about a minute away from a giant statue of rocky balboa. yeah not sylvester stalone (who?) - ROCKY. yes of course. makes perfect sense. cuz fiction is more real than reality. that's why they put it at the art museum. so people will pay money to take their wedding pictures under it hundreds of times every day. and hopefully (but less likely) visit the art museum. b/c most things in the 21st century run entirely on tourism. like cities and disney world. yep. it all makes sense. did i mention philadelphia had a budget deficit of $450,000,000 this year? yeah cuz it runs on tourism.

it's not all money and politics tho, in fact there's very little of either as far as i can see! ive been making tshirts and graffiti to round out my experience with this ridiculous place. more on that later. also i'm almost done with the newest bibble masterpiece AND YOU WILL LOVE IT AND SPEND ALL YOUR MONEYS GETTING IT. and your friends will do the same and then you will FEEL MY SIMULATED COMMUNITY.


September 12th, 2008

First Rate Cunt Lapping @ 10:05 pm

Listening to:: bibble - blakWhole


June 15th, 2008


Listening to:: subtle - FKO

Hot on the heals of the razor-moist, media-blitzed neon-drench of the multi-platinum-went-without, pre-apocalypticly post-mordem over-hype-enated smash fail Most Big Sad Time at Planet Cool, we here at Five Rocket have found ourselves rolling in more than enough cold hard catch-22 to warrant spending ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY on a gigantic cyberspacely-enhanced collaborative art project we're calling the DEMIX. Emphasizing the ethnomusicological perspective that a remix "is a major conceptual leap: making music on a meta-structural level" the DEMIX wants to portray as broad a scope as possible of what was once called "remix culture" and is now, we feel, simply "the entirety of the 21st century's musical landscape". DEMIX wants to explore this space WITH YOU. If it happens to touch you inappropriately at any time during your journey, maybe you shouldn't dress like you're asking for it, slut. Interested parties will be SUBJECTED HARSHLY TO ABSOLUTELY NO RULES in a celebration of the principles of CANarchy while noninterested parties will NOT BE SUBJECTED TO ANYTHING AT ALL in a celebration of the prim staples of WONTism. Anyone can play, no one will win. Find the album at Mungbeing.com, email us (hardtouching@gmail.com) what track you want to demix, then go ape-shit. Rerecord all the words so they make sense to you, or just wipe mine out altogether and replace it with a baboon mating. Smother those phat beats in digital tape hiss and white noise. Appropriate the hell out of it. Make it your bitch and show off to all your friends. JUST FOR GODSSAKES DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING YOU JADED CYNICAL MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS.

Source files can be provided.

Be hearing from you presently.

love and kisses,

June 9th, 2008

Most Big Sad Time at Planet Cool on Mungbeing @ 12:23 pm

Mungbeing.com Issue 20 has the exclusive release (fully downloadable) of my new album, Most Big Sad Time at Planet Cool, an interview, a flash-based lyric booklet by the lovely jessica izaguirre, along with the usual assortment of ridiculous art poetry music essays and more. The theme of this issue is Migration or "the movement of things in one direction. The converse in t'other."

Go get it.


May 24th, 2008

May 21st, 2008

(no subject) @ 02:12 am

Listening to:: Subtle - Providence


May 20th, 2008

Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl