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First of all thanks to everyone who watched and enjoyed Tesla Coil Handout. SPECIAL thanks to everyone who actually talked to me about it! I've had this idea kicking around for years of doing a filmic project with the crazy crazy people I know, who I've always felt were more like characters out of a movie than anything else (at least, they all seem to want to be!), and I finally got my first chance to work on the idea and present something to you all. I'm very happy with the results. I'd like you to consider this as essentially a pilot episode of a series of shorts I'll be doing. The style is cinema verite (obvz) and completely improvised by the "actors". The cinema verite gives a false sense of "realism" that I think counterbalances against the improvisations really nicely. Also it just works best with the consumer-grade equipment. I have one more I'm editing right now (starring Brendan and myself and shot by jess!) and at least half a dozen future participants lined up. Tesla Coil Handout was even more daunting because I basically forced a performance there on the street that night and neither of my subjects really had any idea that it would happen - and I have to say Brendan carries the fucking thing pretty hard, and Jess is incredibly charming as the "random girl off the street being constantly harassed by mister crazy". So yeah get excited. And anyone out there who wants to be a part of the show, either on it or otherwise has ideas, feel free to contact me. I'm more than excited to hear your ideas. MORE THAN.

in case you missed it:

Tesla Coil Handout from bibble on Vimeo.

Secondly it's about time to launch our website Clouds For Sale, which will be at wwww.clouds4sale.com in a month or two. Finally all of this madness can be cataloged for posterity and put in one place, so we can stop with the thousands of sendspace links and no one will ever have to set digital foot on Myspace again (thank zeus).

Lastly (for now) I've opened an etsy account to sell some of my paintings. Not to guilt anyone or anything - I still wish someone would pirate my damn discography on a torrent already (the only gauge of famousness and prestige that matters anymore), but SHIT IS REAL now and it costs REAL $$$ to keep it all going. Plus I'd like my works to go live out in the world and not always clutter up my room and walls. Besides wouldn't you like to have your very own bibble painting? What about a tshirt? SHOES??? WHAT ABOUT A HAND PAINTED INSTRUMENT?? Of COURSE you would! callmebibble.etsy.com. If there's a specific one you want let me know and I'll see about making it available. I'm also completely and always open to commission, if you have a style or an idea you'd like, we can do that too. Just gotta let me know


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Dr. Sippy had gone mad with obsession over the machine that would harness the energy of a parallel universe. As he centered himself on the platform a phosphorescence emanated from the drip tubes above the device. All at once there was a ripping sound and a rush of wind. Neon goo dripped onto his glowing exoskeleton and he laughed with mad glee.

Little did the crazed scientist know, he had created a rift, a minuscule, hairline crack in the surface of his world's reality, into which crashed our unlikely hero, literally, inside a reflection. He could look down iand see the alternate version of the story, where he would have been torn to bits by Dr. Sippy's machine. But he could only watch, and wonder why, or where any of this was going.

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