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Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl

May 24th, 2008

literally the coolest thing youve seen all year @ 06:14 pm

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Date:October 16th, 2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
sometimes i beging running out of oxygen, and it would be nice to have someone around wh0o. says.."i'ts ok... likeyou i l0o.ve you...///

..[i mean the 'erfection ism in mjy aermemreoins'[you have no idew.[send the world out into imelines. ////

or ... ? ..at every lit secponnd, where is the round, [i need to heaqr you respods
pond. [so beautifl yust to see you happy too..[and i have literally been 9 years since anyone appeared eniunely ..... litmson. happy ...[the energies are happy, but mixed with energies s0o. severally erfectionist.i to have another happy, esides the rabbit, he o0o;.s [that the re was no probelms, the mnaxes,

and why the fuck not,..
[she osn't yust want to go to .."renwish, cause she would be beter ytousmn.[the survace, the land of ur.

n0o. SHE LOVES...what she l0o.ves and ibble..kn0o.ws herm,psn./s
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Date:October 16th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC)
she osn't ant ..to 0o. to ensmis.

she yust l0o.ves you..and can't igures' out why... iguana spout, you [ignore. ///////////

9 years no 0ons. and she youst wanst you around, on't akche her into a faust, with no ojn.s // proust, [get it, edit, you it idt rong. erinmosens.
[anyway, no friend, mother no one to hug her if she l0oswes oxygen, nothing.msoens.
[except the strange the range the will....[weaton, and the raveller, the rave, [rave ..raven, was evile... [my father.. the liar, came from a good space, couldn't see , ace, ..[quote the raven. /smons.
[PETER CARES< ecause he is that way.! ..
"taking them rafting an they are blind!" "giv $100 tip....." .. " eat shitt for 50..yamons.
- and me...yust like.:

david [bodw ] rubix, adavich..[aint it a bith, [adamant .. adavich, ... /// and the 0o.

the ibble... the 0o. i l0o.s.
l0o.ve .. the the maxies. [all babies are perfeomsn. the uncertainsm.
/ the rabbit.. -erlin..

rabbit? peter?
thank you tink...

[robbitns !

gee wally!...over rabbit.. pan..!

"missing " was ihsim paintimg o the chrismst. he out moens./
[she was oomsn. [he was 0o.smons / i wosm he.
\Willilam tellher william.. [joan lee?
[will... ["islamnisjiha, [roomat]
but she osn't elieve that...//mson.

[and mike, The my god,! [he would, but she can't reach him../ecause she is never thereosmns.
9 yaers ince moscow.
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Date:October 16th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
onli ecause she is that 0ourfle.

))urfl.. she oul
enver eed another to ... worry, ...rue she had the morep. [moresons.

but, ...carel oul, ..
oul the sou... / she still [ecomes ack in oxygen, ecause no one else a[..
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Date:October 16th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
ppars to say anothering oog, everyu..

the moon
[robert moog. the moog...//////////
[no one says anything good to me ever./
no onee appears to l0o.ve when i relax, sometimes it helps to have another around to relax..

{YOU KNOW I WOULDN"T HAVE BEEN S)O> CRAXY IF I IDN"T HAVE THAT AX.."critters 'buggin' carefl with that ax eugine..///
it always .. seems like eeveryone hate swyou withn theroe one wone wonder there ..for 9 years, [n0o.w you kn0o.w they l0o.ve it more than anythong., but ... [it helps when they can just try for a moment, .... a moment, to respons SAY SOMETHING.
. [they deliete you, ..."block you.. say nothing.
even though they don't havte you, ..they l0o.ve they yust on't kn0o...


[pineffabelle says she is evil, and "says "that's the spirit when she is not herself..
[blocks her, whne she asked for help with the time lines..[ecause n0o.w she kn-0o.ws [but for a while the universe tore her apart./
[and ibble though she id it on purpose.. [it was the eactions of the energies 1 nan o
nine[nano nin e in anarchy... [she is past it h0o.w kn0ow.s how. and yes...she is better at,
than any at,
but..it is .elicate so elicate it's delicate and she trusts..she trusts. [the cruxt of the rust ito omes onse monm seht smosnt

ack to self -

seth.[she trust the crust of the ... [omes ouf in the rust.
the cruxt of the rust it omes out in the...///

[anyway, ..0others give ... her good [ood somehtimgs so NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING...///[n0o. on in history when through this, i on't even thing, buddha, id, [i only even thi9nk iddartha id...


[but n0o. she is not goiong to break down and lie an dfuck herself, she kn0o.ws it is adreosmns.

//she is yust no one says anything [for 9 years, while the universe around her shifts.

[all ecause without ebingh asked she was forced into isolation, and ... atom idn't understand that her 5 minute [3] minutes choice was right, he thouight it was too brashk..[WHAT THEY DIN" TO ER ER WAS BRASK.../////
she 0o.s ...WHAT THEY ID TO HER WAS BRSSDK> excepstionallya ecause eshe was erfections eyond anyehint she waousn arrouand.sinlg.
[except for maybe shane....////
shane forman,
[shannon and.. //and david, anywya, ...///// they took her away... [out of her contexct, exccause she oedipus, ecause she was plauying and wanted to BE IN AN EVEN LARGER AROUDN> etter than even moscow....////
s09o. they made it smaller, ......////////by force.msons. 1 nano ...[ano nine: [noa: boa, noah: the ano nine: ..[of others.msone.s
ANYWAY, ...NOW she had no ... " backup../////

except everything she is..//hmm..
and the hat, the rabbit..! e
'hm hmm....

[she uust wants you areound a hug..[n0o.s for 9 yesras. /////[no hug nothing ..[amorphedrine y[j]ust demaned ../a suckermosn./
[that is...he idn't esire highly enough.. he was lukewardm, now he is nice..[underestimates her life ALL THE TIME< [things he ries as thard,
IBBLE DOES..[not amrophedrien...
]he had NO ... subtelys.

... ibbel had all subtlelisy the opposites.
chlorofile onli

no carivhosn/ [like the hodse [ panty panting panty hose of .. amorphe.. "[he always omplained about the tineis. [n0othing compared to what she..

[as ghandi sits in a jail for 10 years..[joyfully 10 hours, ... ask s the guy next to him, there for 20 minutes, ... if he can use his instrument..
the guy says "you use me for that..
.. //[the guy for 20 minutes says "look what you do to me.../////////////// you are bappy i want to pant and go to bed.?
... // the amorphe..[ahad no ..//msones..[attention..smones.
[ibble is nothing like amorphedrien... ///{way way way [ cried all the time, "you'r smoking my cigarrete butts..." oo psagetty...
[spaggetti on your chin, ..[that's all we care about, you're using me, cause you want to finishe your piece of art efore ..."answeringt what i want..which is.."whanta i me fellacio yuou use me if not..


: and 10 hours/ of eations.

[and they on't even TRY.
to pick up ther pohone.

pony..phone as you truyes [fpr 9 yearso.....

[arman and robert moog...[as arman it may end thim to his ramve.ut it oesn't...
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Date:October 16th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
it's yust her level..the ime bomes.[ ransmofmr time and shape.// space..
[but... she is o0oing it anywya, and the rabbit. the maxies" dmascus@! don't ask us! ..dummass! umbrella!..hmmm...hahah! she k0ones. it' ok.. the koan..[sloan, zenjammin, ..oan,

http://zenjammin.livejournal.com[ a friend,/

the neutral, the sutre, and the "why the fuck not?[not the sudrua turdutu] of ...
renwisck, ... he 's 0o.s ...
renwiskc and ibble....
and ack with eians./////[and ineffabelel and the mkka. [my god, mike a../
she eimosn./

ios::ios in
the n0ose
[someday, my 0other o's will speak, ..o
nos[? beats, ose, ... oni?
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Date:October 16th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
but as much as is tas probabili ecause you yust wanted ... [to 0o.sithout aout er effectingyou..
she isn'd ealize whey.... .you unrfreindsed.
except that she ould not ...out, [dout for even a ms. ..///millisecond./[or mix the elves..

which is what she thought it really was..[the ms, and she was unfreinded..//yet she nkew it was theatures... putb,
but, no onversation/friends[in recrops..: in respirosm. in breath, .oxygen, input..no in from them for 9 years./n0o.thing.msons.except a lo0o.t in energies.
//but n0o. in person..ee's..she yust wanst to esse
ester {NOT HERMAN HESS..she osn't wayst to issapers./
help..//why the fuck not?

...holes everywhreoms.
/// ometimes it helpsm to et an idea.
yet smoesn oems she is beuamosntms.the estest..ester nesht.nestle and all that she l0o.ves is..[she l0o.ves watching all that yhou l0o.ve [wh90okl.e. ity in side of her always, ...

she never yust wanted anything for herself, [that is thwy it was so ABSURD/..//////
9 years..
holes everywheroms.

bare thread of ioxygen, where to sleep at mnight, usuyally a place, .... [ but sometimes hard to get there ecause of the plane rights, ...[ okens, tokens. [they get lost all the times...[ $709 lost lasntight for why..[her money jher okens, for busses, ever 0o..snesm. ?

.. yes it et's better, but why not a loan of saying hell0p;. or a single bus token, when she gives away ten all the time,
[wh0o.s ..gonna be there when she runs out of oxygen...

[[exfept for a 'donna'.. [exil ep mother, moth who illed her in a splitseconed..../////
she ant. ///]

shae ants.
she ouldn't have to 0o. that...

/// clusakc.
he0o.s ... john cusalks. sending my art to...

[and they even called her a stacker, the ecan, [evan, {the austeri" says "oh art only omes in this way, the ..hour-ward. cow, h0..w
'eh'm hmm.... [shaltker? ...
shaker bakermson.
what the fuck..?

insultus, eyond imaginations....immsoens.
says to godel "why can 't you add 1+ 1 cause i don't see you doing it?
... you stalker godel, ..you're trying to et in ouch with...

n0o. they on't really thingk that. //////////////
the rabbit? why the fuck not,
she yuust wanst to see you...

with any0o. no hug for 9 years./
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Date:October 16th, 2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
onli ecause she is that 0ourfle.

))urfl.. she oul
enver eed another to ... worry, ...rue she had the morep. [moresons.

but, ...carel oul, ..
oul the sou... / she still [ecomes ack in oxygen, ecause no one else a[..

come fvind me, i eed it!

cosi, ...
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Date:October 16th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
come find me, i need it: COSI, 12th and walnut..

[it is not the insulstsm. : ghandi you bastard [you selfish bastard you stol bread, ... { ... and things thliek that all the time.
][you filthy bith, you cussed, ... you stack..[ghandi yoou.... godel you bfilth, you asked for a cigarrete and sit with nothing.
[i don't care... in't you believe that you lo0sr.s your tthings.

others kn0ow.
...but manjy insult...

s0o. good that she would have compasion for even ...the "entally disabels" show. that they can.../// and others hera her as ...saying she is ...
... genius one of them..[yuest ecause she is proving that even they can o0o. [it as huxley ... 0os. ..
she yust eends you around s0o. tath sha enst ontinue to eate..
[she illsensmbnesr et involveds in ego..[s0o. accidentally for a second, but the est is to ucigy the self, ..s0o.
she waits, cuasr she had snot ego, s0o. [she gfet's l0oo.st somethimges arfer 9 years..////
she get's lost.

[and says'what id i 0o. wrong./
the faustsmons foust.
propust .. and the purpose the rpoebs.

[but a relax for a moment, ... and not the to always e erfect... the purpose the probes.

... [[everysplit second she untos to e ersfect.

but a [even an hour... with [an ibble [my ruel0o.estestl0o.ves l0o.ve friends.estest l0o.ve smones.
ibble.. help./// rues esteslst0ls l0o.ves ...
estled.. freinl0ov.es friensmosl l0o.ves freiesoms.n.
..[she ant repet, she needs eholps.!

geniu. she l0o.ves you more than ..== to lifek itself.. rue l0o.ve ..the om....................
come om... ransmittance, rue l0o.ve ibble...
's om....sound ...nm0o.w she needs a friendm son e.

\thesonslisns. tshe ant be entormeons
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Date:October 16th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
yes she souls stope lying..
every0o. 0o.es ... "ack to self, ..-seth.

"you will be a guest to mysteryi... [they all speak to you..monse
UT YOU [it would help..
rue l0o.ve ibble ransmiossions..
ibble 0o.s the babie..ibble om's..
s.................ransmissions. i eed your help..
[if she speaks out loud, they respons with.."a negating in tone as thouh she is an idot..

ecause N)O> INE IS ITHOUT ..kn0o.wsing and reisnds. //

[but sh oubuiousli does not d-o. that, BUT THEY ACTUALLY HAVE NOT RESPONSDED TO HER> and have tons.
[for 9 years.. and she does 10000000000000000000tiumes etter than ...0msons.
do0oems. [that oesn't mean she eserves to have only eople she has never met say what qwe are sayi9ng.."SHE WANTS TO HEAR IT and ess from YOU, [and the ohter 0o.s
[but she 0o.s n't eserve to e completlyu isolations. [h0o.w many 0others have that much faith, ....
to always e there for her when the mmillisecond ticks and they have never met her, it is yust an 0oing from the 0o.[ they alwya sd0o. but that is why the other's ...the ones' wh0o. do not trust, TAKE MORE THAN THEY GIVE, they throughw aher in hospitals, steal her money, throwu her out if she says no to 'sex"
anyway, i l0o.ve you ibble...i 0o.
anyway.. i l0o.vemson.

///etc etc etc etc... [and donna. takes everything in a millisecond/.[the 0other 0o.s take more than they give...///
[will wheat the will...
n0o.w she kn0o.ws that the entire univers e kn0o.ws the 0o...
[so she tursts them... [but it helpos to have alteast one friend, and cusakc kn0o.ws ..
s0o. ..hmm...
[john cusakc.. [i'll send him my sarmons.
but she eeds you ibble, in order to ..../remanin. ... alimeve.

yust all the 0other 0ool.s..
but she l0o.ves that too..
and the rabbit/.!
.. the maxi ..
and the hat!..


Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl