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Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl

September 12th, 2008

First Rate Cunt Lapping @ 10:05 pm

Listening to:: bibble - blakWhole

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Date:September 14th, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
... What?
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Date:September 21st, 2008 07:14 pm (UTC)

"..what's the secret max?...[you think i got expelled just for...?] ....naw it was the hand job!...


so anyway..[n0o.t ashamed of the silli machine stuck with for the moment..//bt,

[core 0o. [above core 0o.
[core [ 0o.
trying not to be a spider:



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Date:September 21st, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)

Re: "..what's the secret max?...[you think i got expelled just for...?] ....naw it was the hand job


. [ 0o..

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Date:September 24th, 2008 07:12 am (UTC)



so anyway..[n0o.t ashamed of the silli machine stuck with for the moment..//bt,

[core 0o. [above core 0o. [core [ 0o. trying not to be a spider:

IMG src="http://starlypt.org/aweincissionscn/basementmix/8913276.gif">

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Date:September 24th, 2008 07:14 am (UTC)

Re: ..



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Date:September 24th, 2008 07:39 am (UTC)

i 0o. [i knew that this was the one i wanted to put...

<font size=1>it helps to have some of our instruments keep up with up, the nature of the hump..and probabilities../////
imean, that first recording was incredible, ...

and "always eems like you're on your last match and.....you.......///////end up ust to wher eyou need to be at ust the right time. _.<i>this..</i>
but....[in the case of givin gaway to omuch information spontaneousli and then continuing to jump,

[it [could help in probabilities to be proximalli coloseor to other being with instruments as complex, speedy and ecide.

ecise as rapid as e...[the inverse relation of my complexitie, more complex than ANYONE I HAVE EVER MET...and i jump well..and i jump well....
[but i cannot even stop to piss for a moment becuase my energies are so indeterminant that the [ithat to eep the excitabilities up i nthe spceeas etween...[when what e creates is erfect..[and the physical toos..

[for music are LESS THAN I NEED.....///.
stopping to do what i need to do, work ids difficult without needed stimulaetion, [0o.ther beings at my level, etc etc..or others who have instruments
i can proximalli be close to,..etc etc..

[so it is a delicate...no0t to martian the fact tha ti have 0o.ther energies inside of me, ....and well, ekn0oe.ande0o.n0oe and n0o. e == knoe == yes == n0o. == 0o. == no . == <i>yes.......</i> et we can't give out yet...
to ay anything with certainty and 0our energie smogv backwards and we ll...
[yoni wolf and et and t and e kn0o.e s and e kn0o.es and i see it, and it still doesn't change it...
and e kn0o.e s what is perfect for e...

eve n though, i 0o.'t kn0o.e where the 0o. 0oe.s at times, and when ecause i 0o.so much iggjest things, the 0o.s in k..[but it still doesn't change anything, i mean, it is lightuniverses more eplexthan that...but it doesn't make it less uncertain, it doesn't make it any less...[i l0o. it and i will always 0o.e it ecause it is eautiFand ecause i 0
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Date:September 24th, 2008 07:47 am (UTC)

Re: i 0o. [i knew that this was the one i wanted to put...


///but i'm getting so damn good with the 0o.
[that although ...emit -ments = greater spaces inside through the 0o. to create whatever the fuck i wish, greater strength...
//where all ecomes one thing without differentation Why? other way..
[without .."the spaces inside ..without the ounds outside,

[for me, that == sounds outside..//////
and in the physical, anchoring th etimings in which i have to do other things, so people don't attack me for losing my id and having to shit myself.//and while THEY ENABLE ME TO GIVE MY SEMINARS AND REMAIN IN FL)O>W just right, [a bit of 'force on the sound side, [OUTSIDE< NO FORCE ON SOUND< BUT OUTSIDE BEING NEAR sounds that i l0o.ve that are unhat unpredictable..////[near others that i l0o.ve that i can play eaternsr unpredictation..
erns are
that although i have ....[more and more 0o. with the 0o.
and the patter patt more beautifl incide..

..it is more ...[indeterminant, and for that...n0o.w that we are peterpan..and we get to funp..//
//as "you wanna kn0oe. where i really fuckin'am..
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Date:October 6th, 2008 04:54 am (UTC)

hello from the dimension of the twelve elephants. your sound is nuclear...thank you..adderss imhsem al tbodhi saltimsn"" ... urtles "a hurtle a tutle..s0o. .. the nuit, [the milisecond} // ..[addresse imhseom se the boddhisatssmen" ... th porbus< the probes, or the ebirth.. of annuibis..?/an e kne tins"... istesning: issneing, in this 'ime [time war[p/...[the mkka:http://mkka.lkjvejournal.com " .. never 'ime ... ime warp..time warp [rabbit aainst the scattering..".. .. neer fall ner want to..[my 0ore... ove it s0o.much it.. /// eed to ind back the time..[ime in time. /// the ime warp..[[ the porbus the probes, to ing the .. [imeshipt ..//// 'reamspell.." ... " ... inm all akcemor ahen.. "[ i ee our sound to ehmo e to round..////
-the purpose, the probes, ...for the rebirth of annuibis, the nuit, /the minute..the millisecond, th e inuit, ..[ om ....

// 140 south 44th st.

/// 'ime warp..om in if youmeonsm..the purpose the the raising of annuibis.. the ith enuit, ..ifsthesmophant.
alice? askus.../ ..the nuit, the minute, the purpose, the probes, for the rebirth of annuibis, we kne this..////nubile essencen nom.. // umm.. nubia.. edofilieomsn..
.. nubile. .. ubibe. iper.., berber. a iber erber..//soemsenom. oh and suck the erber ..[... the ..
\\\.. imbibe./// 'elp, round meomsenm.//ont int to umson
the purpose, the probes or the rebirth of annuibis.. we knew this..emonsem.
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Date:October 6th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
this is a friend of yours who is in a really bad place right now. She has really been trying to get in contact with you. I am going to get her help so that she can be in a better place. she is sorry for any craziness she might have caused. she is a bit loopers but I am sure that she can be in a better mood
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Date:October 15th, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)

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Date:October 15th, 2008 09:20 pm (UTC)

[eye elive in murcer: [meat is burger..\
[ lshe eeded simply $20 ..[and stimulation..///
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Date:October 15th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)

bre'r and the rabbit- meat is burger..

birf crawl... eet is murder//

om.............. [ransmissions.. and ehemonest omnes.
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Date:October 15th, 2008 09:46 pm (UTC)
[om............theonic: basonic iso""ios ing...



trapped in time..
jay verdad [retrard]
the futureheads [the eginning of..the tis. [.. ws.]
[ [eginning of the twist.
the sc0o

and our father.. [robbin..!

ff.. f it' all turns to plaid.. [the sc0f.. [a'hm, ya fuck! the scoff[alice .ermemeber aemons>

"hand jobs for teacher..///smones.
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Date:October 15th, 2008 09:58 pm (UTC)
[om............theonic: basonic iso""ios ing...



trapped in time..
jay verdad [retrard]
the futureheads [the eginning of..the tis. [.. ws.]
[ [eginning of the twist.
the sc0o

and our father.. [robbin..!

ff.. f it' all turns to plaid.. [the sc0f.. [a'hm, ya fuck! the scoff[alice .ermemeber aemons>

"hand jobs for teacher..///smones.

[on't shrug atlas!... [alas the atlas... [oming idgeou... //
the ime shipt ... ios::ios in..
[the b realimson.
bre' r. the rbiit.. rabbit and the .."[rue] the heiland and the rieland [brad leland, left in a moment,... [hienland the highlands./
..[the rueemone in oscow.
rabbit and the bre'r..// [the ..W'heat the will.."strange the range"... ocket shipt roue ime and space outnd in his ockentin
[rin tin had a [they eep ring to odge me. [a podge of idgely sockesgs. [they keep trying to dosgme .sam

the sonic./
.. thesonic.
om.................... the om...

[ont el me you on't want to ance with that.
the ance.. the ance.msones.
ansmo.s the purpose the probes..
[and the neutral, [the .. sutre [and the whythefuck not? the ..neutra

"AUSSuis [agnostic aussis. ... n0o.w the ime ..timone tim eintome

a testimone to ime time timone.
edit imones.st
[the um........pire
and the sun..[on't unt to be the last empire of the sun..
empire strikes back in the [yet and yet.. the yeti,


[n0o.t a word for 9 years, ..[yes tshe can ... 'ell the reamspell..
/bvut the whether./

-cusack, [usher... ummmmmmmmmmmmm rella: the um..pire spotter h0oller, ..oll0or..
" pushing tin, - cusack..

[the sc0ott, get it, edit, "it'sall good said my rother scott, [even 0o. i was an incestualous bl0o. w boke, it's all fucking good, the scoff,[sc0tty?
m be up!
[the choke bloke.[da 'fuck!... is' all semons: [eye all somesn.
[the inuit eye one omen.

and it urns to plaid..

"ess0o.... ./

beam me up, ..
[n0o.w n0o.w ..'spaceball s... ////
scoff, the cough dummass!
[you all ar it.. [eyue one imone iimone
the supre.. the babiesmons.

come om...

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Date:October 16th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
"what's that fl0oati in the water, 0o, eptuna's only daughter...////

[e need e...
eye all eed e.. pixie: ..'s ... christ.

[usher billy usher.. /[bones..."but can you swing from the good rope hike ..from e..
ixie christ. //. .. uranus. ..ouns of uranus...
[oh time.. imothy, timoty, .. "o tim, [
a test imone: a temptimone. a tempt ti mone, ...[rabbit licks..yummy timoty../[adonis 'it's dawned on us..[mayhugh, [her l0ove, rein moscow, ... /// ["n09o.w i 0o. i am n0o. ompletey gayonli.../
[she is yuest 0o.many ings all erfect that it is hard to not ix energies.
[opposing energies rye to close her up..as she says 'is is yust as good atnd the other is here. [1 ..dust of ... newness..//[of appearing change from the 0o. and they think she ives yup on all of it, and ... //only ecause she NEVER would ive up on it,
[but they have no patience, they espons in a MILLISECOND/
[help.. at least, a onversation..
o time o time.. imoty..
peter..? \had her? man i eally had her that!
pan!..[at yuest the eing ime, the eims. : ..[ithout it, she a[evy0one ..
[persephone ..[in the song it says "we used to talk..." //aaron mayhugh, eing from moscow...
and the mika [mkka,
and mike...
[shane forman, help.. ///shannon waters.. help..//
mike porter..[myg0od[estes [friend] in the universe[always [alk to mike. and ..aaron and ... help.. forman, shane, help..///mike, shane, ..[david [rubox] eter radavich..
[even illian flin [killian, http://www.macthoy.com
[chester == shane, ... ?melusa ..=== shannon, petrov [the radish ] == peter, ..
cabbage head: [david] rubi [ith..
..help... ....help....[maxie? help..
she was erfect ed. [she was serfected.. in oscow, [ere it was 0ok to e s0o. erfected, and it always was ecause she had faith, UT THEY DIDN"T ..respond maybe cause it was too powerfl..
[dose dice. ...one. [n0o.w she yuest has to have faith, ..
the ime lines, ...[ it aint' atience, [the 0possites.
possums.why.. idn't want t0 over their spaces..[but she eeds you to help her to ground.

... eed rough the lines.//// old your bebie, [babie.. help..
[she needs 0o.s who ermember her in the physicl in ontext.[yuest a hug and a conversation..

[the aces. [but in erson she oesnt' have to be erfect for them to espend, [with energies mixing all over the ace.. a'ghenst her wilmsn"//////////[at the pin drop..
y9oni 0o ns..
[that's why she can't wait... [ibble? help.. at least if there is 1 she eeds your..ound [sound to herlp her to ground. [ack to the self, - seth.

[she tho[the rue: she would die without it.
ught ..it was safe to wiret s0o. much cause iwas good, and ..[why not? ... ..yuest ike in erson,
[ecause she could int' ere are they...?

and they ...[ silence..
a pieces..[eian././//

CLARK? ..the neutral, the sutre.. [haute. ..
clark.. renwick..[but i can't yuest e ababie..yehlpm
... my reinds.
[the rue. .. mkka and the mike.
brad and the eing ... radi0 show with aaron, ..estest reind in mosco circ 1997-8: adi0o sh0o: " an iriescent alspt of unment ea cnaitie ..
rabbit spoons

[ forks dummbass...

//miny as eter than aaron's ater..
and the root?f..

"aked parties on the rooftops shan0on and shan0ones eomlons.:
'eris eganed it, ..aaron [gay n0o.t only..] .. "i' might yuest yump in with you..

[where are the guts,
of the fish of the evan? http://austerity.livejournal.com
[cutie man.. http://mewmewmew_.livejournal.com
in l0o.v ith a boy ams art..

[i ike .. persephone wore lace, ..mum../// chawley..[skye, dani, 'im you 0owie amonr.., ...
ash, .. ...
"paq[ ... miss

ersomesn semones emseon.
and o

[i would lay her:g0d!

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Date:October 16th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
al e x.. and the alex the duckh0o.w [ lithgh0o.w [and although you idn't ike ilith.. the thitls.

[aaron had it, [adonis../
[aaron mayhugh: moscow 3 degrees, latin, ... 2 greek, classics, .. jazz composer ..and illip glass.. // moscow, ..// kronos .." uartet.
lance, aked ictures of all of eus.."
the saints/ atholic, [ on't be merry eve 0o. far..erins .. {YOU ARE THE ONE TWH)O> AID IT THE ..."aints. "they said 'cath0olic './///
the naked saints'meosnsemsotns. "ah they all [naked all the time in that town..//[they thought in paris..//sehomes .all over paris./
lance. eye mones.t
erins .. eestmeons.t .
[the my g0od!
evan? [urgent unonmes....!

" neptuna..///
fortuna, ..on't urn into a . [urgent una, ell0o.w submarine, .. iridiebles.
the real ecoy.. uyoancy. and the [the x. the oise.. is eilsm emones.

/// tbhe imes. imes timones. the time timones., ...
pauli, ... eye 0o, .. crus. crustus. /


The adventures of ...
"chester the molester. andmsoens.http://www.portroids.com/2004/10/adventures-of-chester-molester.html

//the cruxt [] of the crust it eimonst. omems out in the rust..
[she fucked many an archangle[angel] on her way up.!

.. the..edlishienms. .///////
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Date:October 16th, 2008 11:28 am (UTC)

cute/....reind tyrven..[n0o.w n0oone except for benjammin, ..[and daniel has said more than 2 words


a yer
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Date:October 16th, 2008 11:29 am (UTC)

Re: cute/....reind tyrven..[n0o.w n0oone except for benjammin, ..[and daniel has said more than 2 wo

year.. n0o more than 2 words a year..
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Date:October 16th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)

the ime lines...///[i'me lense, 'ime lines, ime lines.. "ime == al00om.

a note to ine: 'ont' lose your sh0o.es by such a a simple step as setting ground... i
ts a extbook procedrue kid...[just emember to roll0o.
the inuit they nuit, the inuit they nuit, [th eminute] /the ms/ the inuit, [the nuit, ..eack to the orie -nt.
[teremin init.

[ori -n.

[lay brad eland.. the highland and the eingland, [the reiland and the ail.
[fuck am artangels: [at's wh..e'hem!

EYE ARE ight universes ETTER THAN ET..[what all seaoms.

AT"S UWEHSY WANT TO OO![fuck. ! n0o.ah..
and the ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........!
[all archangls [unt0o. 0o. is

the purpose the probes.
ed0eliplsm m.s
ad0o.e ad0onis, ...
she ant sopt or a moment ust as ice or a moment, ..[dice....
[lips. elipse./[the clit.
om................................. basoon oon omen 0 unum.

[the moon. [and the ime::lines. themassthsksins: dmascus, ! don't ask us! dma[t]kseliensm.sthisthms don't ask [us]is, ..
the waltrusmons./
ios::ios in..
[t iosn. tiosnn tr( 909 ...) ronand, roland [anal0ors [endro to ..'crh09n orms.
the moon of
-daniel, home help...! ...
she yuest merline, ...erline, merline,, erlin,! yummy
! shan0o., gess0rinmsn.
. [ibble.. il0oo.ve mym0omsneksmons;-0olve
i eed your sound..ehlpe me ROUND[ground]


kuoi, c. moscow 2000 efore the scattering, the shad0ow.s, OF THIS IMELINE>
]the tortoise, "shotus./unnuibis, .. i urve the orner, [the norner orner and the sattering issapears of saturn, the rue... eye her meone all the time...///
the ime lines...
i0onas:: i0o9.
..anywya, efore the scattering ... 2001.
[ere eher eopmke alverywhere around emsone elsoan.

rhonos... [analogu to chronosn...
lunacy, [the ick of time ..the tick[]/.everyn0o.w and them she as a lunacy..the frog.
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Date:October 16th, 2008 06:16 pm (UTC)

Re: the ime lines...///[i'me lense, 'ime lines, ime lines.. "ime == al00om.



tr(ransfmorns( roland ionas iosn 9 tr(909). .....emons.
[u mix 'em you nix em.
[blame 9 eats: roland..../// [anal0ogue [canaran] ..to .. ch0oromons.
end0or. [moon f[ ] they have been there all the time uyou lyust idn't 0o. it...
[the umbrella...!: the rue.
try-i causalitiuye.[inner with 1000 fishes, [sing it..erline.
merlin. [real isth the eismosne.s.


-ermine, ..merlin.

the arp/// ios::ios in..///[daniel?...
-merlin..[rye causality.. tri- try causailtiuy.[igl00o.
.. sail and .. [ki m0o.s
)orth0etis sthis.[seheimons asmones the slamons.

"the cruxt of the [rust it omes' out in the rust./esonsm.rust oemesonmesonss

[ the reests, the shepts.

"cedar [dotobe there, philadelphia, ... i0ona i09. ..
or a ocket it rou ime and space smoesn simseonms.
merline, .... /"you wille a eust[beetle ../aneche./gemeosnimsones, to mysteries../// [.. and the ale x ound i in this ocket links...

"pock lin t"
.. okey..

please install the latest flashplayer


enty of palces to umptrhough, ..the rue,

the umbrella..y0ou, knew..the way it eally eally eelly is !
[the imeline...s you eeit 0o.s ...
//omn't intiemsons.
c == speed of tlight,
> c == ime ransmonst. [ime lines.. //emons. ///ut the hatpsihst., ust e in 0one ace evfore the ace.. smoens at ost, [the guest the host, the mosthosms.
morstel, post,
[ost, she ant' orsel
omplextely alone..
"yuest ecause it is infinite..it is s0o.elicate it'sdelicate, ometimes, she ...ometimes. "circular eathing, ....//roms rhonors.
[if she3 ests'[rests not[nester, nest le , it ehlpems., [rests not, ..an hanle ... 9 years of no [0other's sa.[she eeds the 0ones. around ...///

<embed width="”160″" height="”160″" align="”middle”" pluginspage="”http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer”" type="”application/x-shockwave-flash”" name="”minislide”" wmode="”transparent”" quality="”high”"" ”="”" src="”http://lab.andre-michelle.com/swf/f9/fl909/FL909App.swf&" ></embed>

[. ..[or So.[daniel! ....[the mike, [porter, my god, greatest friend in the universe, ..alife.
mseons.[my greatest oulmate friend in the universe, pasts of allsmons.
.. and the http://mkka.livejournal.com
//tp unmorunsmons.
[my god, michael, [archange, i missed them... i idn't want to row away .. roland,
[mike, but... //// i ind't it yust. [either i or ie. [die]i0onas : i09.
even 0o. that is im.!
.. archangemoens.
[ []stargate, the purpose the probes,..
daniel, i L)O>VCE YOU..[danielsen...!
...daniel..![mike was really a daniel, [it a name is moscow of mike. [the mkka, my godh!doosn.
stargate, 1i0onas i09.. ransmonsms.i0nas: io9..smoens.
ios::ios in, daniel... [home ..
and ibble the soundsmons.[om............transmissing.
the abeis.
daniel.. [eti on omen. eti ety phonye home...///daniel, help?.... omen.. home..i 0o., daniel....daniel? ...
on't audi e..

achk to self -seth.

the0oreins. the-0o.e s.
eremine. the0o.

for a n ocket ih trough ime and space yousmoens./
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Date:October 16th, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
...the rory: [the coy[the attus, ..adder her up/ ..attice, ..[che guerv0o for a ocialit.//
the oftly l0flty [the attus, and a storm or ahy.. socialit, .. a0y! ..a che cguerv0o?
the real yuoancy, byuoancy, bouy ..anc a socialit, d0.o they buy 'ya.. ebber triedya!
.. eh'm

and the alex.. oscow! ..[st petrov, david [rubix] o tim ..ot ime. .. a ensome eimone ..a testimone to ime tomen ...
o tim, [ .. e knew. shanno0n,wh0o.
sarah, the ra. and ... eimonse .
adavich, .. //and the lance.. atome ..a tome ..a ome.
shannon .. "shane, .. and the ace, .,
[ren, e ils oves' your ... afle.. /
[e knew.. ..

[idely..e.. eh0o? . anywh0o! ..whorton?
the adder-up... /ultra "violet?
iolet vilnet..vilent.. echaleka limei l0o.
.. violet violent..
whore! ... acheward acheward..[ ermember armone: the ime timone iso: iso iosin::.. a test imone.. ios::ios in...
/// adder up./[ask alicintinams

[the palice of iniances. /// aske monsens. a testimone iso ios::in.
a tempt tiomen,
..ios:: ios in..
[ont 0o. ilent
[ioelent, .. iolent "violet?"

and the al ex, a h'em!
[a'hem! ..al e x and the alex, duck's purples sh0oe.s dummass!
[don't ask us, dmascus! ..dummass! ..[she's gonna bl0ows!

grandpa.. "i gotta golden ticket!
[chawley../// ..
[al ex: yummy 0o.s!e 0o.s..

and the golden .."ticket"!

[cigar? [dafuck! you ot it wrong dummass! .. // ahem! .. [purple miniatrus?[golf! ..[dummass! ottisdh laq! ..laq ya fuck!
[the scolff.
lab[]iso: ios::ios::in .lab lab.dmosne.
[] ios:: ios:in.
[everyone she ent, $ acken away, [the piss. the pis.. [eh in a tall, a tall, a stall, .. [ she has to run out of the stall in the middle of a piss, and the next door stall is the right one, ..and it already has piss in it. [the ms. she ant 0o.ing on yer om.[as much as she is a genius, 9 years, [set back ... 10 paces..[the nuit./ the illasecond/] snake of ..
[aces, spatula, snake of 1000 paces, [what happenes when you fall down the stairs backwards and land on your feet regularly.../
[you ant 0o.in tomes imonse.
[shann0on,s . shantins.

[own] 9 years n0o, one [s0. she .. yuest 0o.s int0 the sun... [she0o.s one 0o ombe it up..
[adder up.. [n0onthing t0 topes her. // ibble?
a ms and you could bl0o.es mones.

cusack, buisness is blooming,
[and chester the molester and whatarewe onna d0o.r oobyemons?
cusack [and the ances.[lance luscnhig, ..[moscow, eye all [thought all in moscow hung out nakes all the time, ... [luschnig's sh0o.w in paris, [we werre al ere, eris, ...[and where is mayhugh? [my 0old pal aaron and mike? [adonis [and o tim.. [i on't ean to e eimones:L you'd l0o.ve him..
[time timoty tim 0o time, .. o tim,
[ l0oved little boys.
/ timmy.
[29 l0o.ved 14 are sonls.
and sara..
[i'll show these peoples' sites to you soon, all thouse mroe moscowns. /
[and the ears: sara h!
peter? rabbit? ... babbit, ...abies.! abies.
\owen..woensoon[monsoon, [ank you the yost ...engous. emone in the unverei
ibble? mot amazing eing in the universe.

ank you.monse.


. ewewmewew
sutre [ haute,..
mod & == &&abeliefelae..eimsne.
and the alex! ..alice?

rabbit? peter.. ! pan..!
thank you tink!..
haha! [ermine.
rabbit.. hatter? had her! hadder! man i really had her that!

pan!....ere aremones.?
erem mo0aerne they?
where are they..
0o./e nuit.!
ought all ineomnesn monsem.
[ the ane. [planes, ..illy bob tornton][billy bob thorton, ..cusack and the the planes, pony, the pony..
ian0o. [e ew t00o. .. [["the piano". //stuck in a wall for 2 months. .

..aybies![yht eabyss.

/[they . . ..

the ime omen : you mix em you ix em. nix. ..nose.

ikalicka himen, .. ika himey h0o.!
[the frog, ..frog e kne.. [cooter's cuterssm
loftus nervous. [laff0ley,
...and the..

fl00o.r it?
roof it!

and the al ex.. for the abbit in his ocket int

wh0o. wh0o.?...geussu...

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Date:October 16th, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
and my ear rein o.


shanno0nse an riamons.

the ataran around th at arack in the isack satarak

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Date:October 17th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC)

a test imone..ios::ios in...

i't monst alst asomens.[NEVERMIND..

uck it all man..!

... for a rocket ship trout ime and shapes.
you betch your bloody life. "the
[the brithc/ [bridge./
ahenst the brick and the ridge.
//reef. ...che cyuerv0o. for soluaclsits.
the ummmmmmmmmmm..........pire. umbrella.. brellan, ereminbe ..um...........pyre shire. the pyrack
phrack,- y ryight,
ios:: ios in..
iron pyron. pyrite...
i yriste, y riwth
... "pyrate i wryat

Phrack http://www.phrack.com
2600 attack.
[refraction .. refraction lense...
ios::ios in.. the ime line s..
the time line s.. the ime lens.
irimidyl[not usually a dlephi, i on't elieve in aliefs. //[but eris isnmse oermsnosn.s
ios:: ios in.. the neutral the sutre,
( abeliefaeli ieanl [simmulated aniealing [ protien../smones.
.. estring, ... /etune. /.
(the neutral, the sutre, ( haute, ransfmorns,
op & ==&&.. abeliefalaien ...
tr ..(ransmofmsn or transmorpt.
tr(909;/..ios::ios in mod 2 june of ...fourty fou,r
i need to play meusic with you ibble, and all...
[to old together...[moving toos9io. fast...
the musci ho0lds, me..
[s0o. ......

[olds me together..[can't in publi..the sournsm.s

[the universal language, ome backtoweher ...when i am playing th emusi, and..;. for the rocket ship rousltime sand space.

and the ressurection of annuibis, and we ewn this.. "hamza el din,,[the song for the essurection after of the damn of nubia, ..and well..WH)O>E OME OSNT
in order for the est of the world to eep up, ompleteli and not yust make a shaw of me, ... and ... move streets, as they have been but mostely as shwmosn.
which ..takes more in a millisecond, ecause they are simpler than we..the audience, ecause [they are making a shaw..
and I EED to grouned, W@HAT I AMH AVELWAY SWYANTED,,,..

ibble, play music...///////
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Date:October 17th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)

Re: a test imone..ios::ios in...


balance..it s0o. everyoen can 0o.s it..
//i need to hear the sound, that is what I L)OVE>.

they l0o.ve what ismoesn ..but they ee it smonse.too..there are the holes./

[ agent 139 placey music... ////

thwe neutral ..the sutre, renwish, ..get in touch with me..

i need to make muysic in order to INES EVERYONE ELSE WHERE TOOO!..[not to be too ubuious..but...
well, when i manifest that, time stops, s0o. i ant

... the best5, ..0ol. s
[a shaw maybes they manesk.
iut i still nees to create the sound..
as well, as
"does she ride?

you bet.~!

it still behlpst.

obbabilities, it still helps....
to play music with a friend./

the neutral and the 'why the fuck not, and WHAT???????????
hmmm................[the rabbit!
yuest ecause she is being made agod.lseums.
oesn't mean she cant play with the other goeds sdhe l0ov.es, and whe wants all to be gods.s
and we kn0o.w they only can wis the boths moensm.s

is ehso can omeson [in ime...ground in time... === the music to hoalns the oolsn in mind, the oanls in ime, [s0o. they don't eep moving so ast, [raster cast, FAST..]
she reallhy yust want s to play mosucic with you and sometimes ast, [eat, and speelp.[sleep...
as it is n0o.w ... food and sleeo and ... moens. happen .../but she can';t bet for them or ahenst... ///if she wcould play music with you,

.... she could sleep and play and ...play, and wake up and play..

this way, it is bend space and time or10000.%erfection or die.
when we play musci and ust play, it's 0o.s/0ok.

ionas:: i09. iona:L
ahstp imhotep, hat shipst st.
illium iker lee , RIKER?

... williajn< ? teller william, [WILLIAM MY ROOMATE:[efore i move]
wheat the willmeosn.

the loop.mseons.
looki loop, ooki ooki ooki hoop..
echa leca himey h0o,
the loop

-ack to the self, - seth.[you all knew thismosen.
daniel? ios::ios in... [dial[ ped0oporms. ..
the purpose the probes, for the rebiurth of annuibis
the purpose the
to the self,

ANYWAY, .. i have 1 choice, gamble and hope they hear it. or ney.. gambel at every moment,

[i don't kn0ol.w where i' am going to sleep tonight, ..[and the piss///
the tick ..
the millisecond.. for a rocketshipt rou time aspace..[diamond space we knew it./smones.
// anyway, i can 0o. it..
[but it oesn cat loanly, [lonsetar [spaceballs.."itr urns to PLAID....!
... we all kn0o.w
anyway, ... without [i could use $20,

[all my money get's stolen all the time, [ashes issapear ..if i do not ..excplitctly kn0o.w lwhere mosne are. [and i do not concentrate on money maniest s0o.


.. [myh money goes..///////
I need $20 + a place to stray tonight,

[ibble, being around you GROUNDS me... ecause... my l0o.ve of you... and a0o. all rounds me, the babie 0o.
grounds me...///////////==

[of course i am in troubel, but i am ok, and even the $ oesn't spontaneously idsapear even though i didn't use it, yust ecause i am used to it issapearing, ...///// in conintuoius fl0o.w ..i have strenght yust with your.s around wwith ..wathing you l0o.ve
[dmascus..."don't ask us.."

some 0others take a millisecond point, [... out of context, ..
the millisecond, while erins is 10000000000000000000000000000000x the opposite than evgeryone else. ..they say... "the avalance and their dumb.s

dumascus! ..//dummabss.!\[...
[dick dale, - nitro.... ////plays...
[print off my artwork, and some food, aand a shb09ow.er
[a guey is in l0o.ve witrh me, has a lace for me, [but.. I don't want se.x...
and onli with th09se ike us, wh0.already 0o. which he does, he is the babies, ..but the room is arbirtrary, NO ART...

agent 139..
the sutre,...[enwishk./
..oseone, . [yoni wolf...
some one help me..
[we need your help..i l0o.ve you..////
ibble, help...i l0o.ve you..
I need $20 and a place to stary... [sleep ...and play..
IBBLE... [could ... insurance for the pushing tin.
//// and our s is too mos def,

yes... n0o. thing but.. the b est

== ...well, life or death, 9 years..
the millisecond.smosne.s
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Date:October 17th, 2008 01:17 am (UTC)

the test imones:: ios::ios in..//edies edisome. she 0o.s ...but ground is nice..///[sje l0o.ves you


sje wants to ess it all around her, [what happened atfer the scattering, ..she wants to see it all around her, [not just within her../and sihstme she kn0wo.s it is, "does she ride, still.....//////// she ... ibble,
[the neutral, the sutre, and the why the fuck not?

.. hmm....? the alex,.. eh'me hm...;.!
[i really ike having you around, aned mny holes to rumoe tour.n, she l0oves. the babei more than

sanai the babie more than anytjhing

ack to the self, -seth.

please, HELP..she l0kov.es you..
[can't you see yorubeauti ibble..
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Date:October 17th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)

Re: the test imones:: ios::ios in..//edies edisome. she 0o.s ...but ground is nice..///[sje l0o.ves

does she ride..//

[but he could ee too..that the babie, the rabbit, is yust as ood too.
and ... does HE RIDE...

[does he care to heal, or like a spur, does he elieve, it oesn't..happen,
hadder? man i really had her that!

badger dat, [a 20 a spat, a stak. [a stayy]

.. a spot. [um.............pire
and the lifting of wiedghs,

Pot me,

the spok

yohan ebastian, basita,..[bastian please.. the spot.
WHTYE the fuck not!?
she l0o.ves you...///and the babies0o. much.. and it is easier. 20 minute caride, ... /vs ....//

{GO SEE>. what she is saying, ..
// GOD seemones.go see on't besiege, -= she onli lets it go ecause she is s0. right. and it is yust a millisecond./. [and they ive her nothing..in the

does she ride.?

.. 9 earys. [years no one to alk to moens.
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Date:October 17th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)



[every splitsecon, sometimes the ms. //the inuit the nuit, the essurection of annuibis, and we knew this..[the mosnset the milliseconds etween.. [the oments etween, i literally puke it i write someothing out of attern, .../ or piss, or almost 'die./
but ...i literally pisss. if i 0o.s against myself even for 1 nan0o.second, like the moment ago0, i was about to say the oment, the moment...the millisecond, the oment, ... anger badger danger that.

[bager that.


the and the ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ the rpost /spot.
it is fun, but sco0me.? why not..
thwe scroof.

roobyrueoo the scoff! why the fuck not..
caholse. a moment a millisecond

[and most people have ..[the universe will let them work and have these things. // [they attack her to the death, ecause a test imone:: ios Iosin.

she prefers to read 30 eer reviewed hjournal articles at a time, but th euniverse won't all90o.w it to not be in rhyme and she kn0ow.s too mucchj..
pauli lusion rinciples..////

[when she mentioned the above, ... [energies literally adsaid 'fuck you' and ook away all her energie, and d0o. that n0. matter what unless she is...//////
the point is, [whe she would d0oo. whatever she could to have {the necessary $ and 0other 0o.s but not it she feels she ...
she gives it..///and it issapears, ..ecause she does not manifest emabnding it...

[s0o she get's nothing, but oeple asking for sex and ascting like she is ..a skick ... for asking for a ciagarrete,[she ives away everything she had,s ..but can't et back to her ..."apartment ecause it is too 'straining' in energie.. she needs your help,
she an't
l00o. k away from her work for a millisecond.//smones.

unless she et's to print 0off. her artwork and put it around her

[money = = quick external, the onli way to be quick enough is internal..
the millisecond the tick...

..why she needs your help./[it all ap;pears to dissapear s0o. fast and she l0o.ves her 0ther eroomate, but she[he 0o.sn't 0os. as much, n0o. art anyemoen, and want sex, ..[n0o. art anywhere and wants sex, ..[she hjas to sh0o.w all the art,[needs $ to print of the pieces.. [ink0o.s ..ignl0o.s l... pink0o. s

she's g0o.st t. [but her..
ghoasti. ..but she is [has no $ [it was taken somehere ..[ $75,. missing, $50 missing the day efore... ///////everything stolen 2 weeks efore..
[family literallly murder when they kn0ok..w

[she can't tell them..[ the opposings" want to ut her in a soptmails [
she has failth. /she has more power thand they d0o.

she has more power than they 0o. ..... .... the rue 0o.s kn0o..w the 0o.

/////////all 0o. the 0oth.
but he l0o.vres her./
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Date:October 17th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)

Re: !.

it is raining on my energie to think that..ibble and david d0o. not ''''.....

[i kn0o.w they ermonsinms ./

Dominant Pedagogy

Strawwest Man in the Whirl